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Paid Internships at US Companies

Hi guys,

A friend of mine is helping the American Chamber of Commerce source qualified candidates for paid internships at US companies here in Taipei.

I am told that, as NCCU students, we already have a good reputation, and stand a better-than-average chance of being accepted for one of these positions. I highly recommend you apply for the big one at McKinsey Consulting.

When Internships are listed on AmCham site, students can choose which ones they want. Companies follow up directly with length of Internship and salary.
Ford has 10 Internships, based on creativity. The Hyatt, Far Eastern Hotel, and Howard plaza all need Interns who speak some Japanese.

Here is the page with all the details:

Only ROC citizens can apply, I’m afraid.

This is a great opportunity to find a position in a major company that will expand your network and may even help advance your dissertation, so I urge you to consider it.

Good luck!

Club List

Jasnea has been kind enough to compile a list of the extracurricular clubs at NCCU … see the attached PDF for more information. NCCU_Clubs_List_2012

Online resources

It can sometimes be hard to locate stuff living in Taiwan, even just for day-to-day needs, if you are new in town and don’t know your way around yet. Here are a few online resources that you might find helpful.

Forumosa is, as its name suggests, a forum about Formosa. It’s been around a long time and can be very helpful:

This is a new board that just started up:

On the more touristy side, this Taiwan Adventures Online Guide just launched:


These are just a few that come to mind … if you know of others, please post links to them in the comments section.

Daniel Pearl Day

Mark your calendars Saturday, October 20, for the 11th Daniel Pearl Day of Music, from 1-10pm at the Taipei Hakka Cultural Park.

It’s a lovely new park, just a few minutes from Shi-Da Road. There will be 2 stages of music, vendors selling food and drink, and lots of open space and green grass to stretch out on. Also, it will be FREE again this year.

If you haven’t been to one of these before, it’s a great concert for a great cause.

Halloween Costumes

Well, Halloween, is coming up, and maybe you are looking for a place to rent a costume. Or maybe you just want a new look.

There are a few good rental shops in Hsimending (Ximen MRT) – one of the best is called “Superman Booth,” and it is at #68 Changsha Street, but walk up and down the street – there are a whole slew of them. (One of them specializes in police uniforms. Another: cheerleader costumes. Don’t ask me how I know that.)

If you want a really cheap place to buy a costume, try out the shops in the Datong district. Start on the corner of TaiYuan and ChangAn, and start exploring the neighbourhood. There are a bunch of shops that sell nothing but Halloween supplies.

Keep this place in mind, as they empty out the day after Halloween and completely restock with Christmas supplies. Very handy when it comes time to deck the halls.

Urban Nomad Film Festival

The Urban Nomad film festival is starting in 2 weeks.
In case you haven’t seen their programme somewhere around the city, there is an online version here.

The Film festival kicks off on 4/12 and goes until 4/22.
Ticket price per film, and daily short films: NT 200
student prices: NT 170
“awesome pack” ticket for any 4 films –only NT 680 !!

The Urban Nomad is always a good time, and a Taiwan tradition. I urge you to check it out.

Travel App

I hope nobody gets stuck in the dorms in Mucha for the Lunar New Year — that doesn’t sound like oodles of fun. So in case you do have the chance to escape, and you own one of these newfangled smart phones, you might be interested in this Taiwan travel app, “Taiwan For Culture Vultures”

It was written by a friend of mine down south, so forgive the blatant plug, but I hope you’ll find it useful in your exploration of our wonderful island home!


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