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3rd PhD Workshop on Industrial and Public Economics (WIPE)

>> Call for Papers:
– Industrial and Public Economics,
– Environmental Economics,
– Regional Economics and
– Markets and Institutions.
>> There are NO workshop FEES.
>> Conference Venue: Catalonia, Spain
>> Conference Date: 12-13 February 2015
>> Abstracts Submission Deadline: 25 November 2014
More information, please visit:

The 9th Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets

>> Call for Papers:
Both theoretical and empirical research papers in all areas of finance are welcome.
>> Conference Venue: Seoul, South Korea
>> Conference Date: 6 December 2014
>> Submission Deadline: 31 August 2014
***Competitive research awards of US$ 2,000 will be given to each of up to eight best papers.
More information, please visit:

The 14th East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference

Call for Papers:
– anthropology, area studies, business, culture, education,
economics, environmental studies, geography, governance,
– health, history, philosophy, politics, population, sociology, ETC.
>> Conference Venue: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
>> Conference Date: 12-14 February 2015
>> Abstracts submission deadline: 26 September 2014
*** A limited number of travel grants are available.
>> More details, please visit:

New Pathways in the History of Political Economy

>> Call for papers:
• Race, labour, gender, and citizenship in capitalism
• Civil society and the market economy
• The idea and practice of capitalism as world system
• The role of economic thought in nationalism and anti-­imperialism
• Intellectual and social history of business elites, ETC.
>> Conference Venue: Homerton College, The University of Cambridge, UK.
>> Conference Date: 23 January 2015
>> Abstracts submission deadline: 22 December 2014
More information, please visit:

Call for Papers: CYCON 2015: Architectures in Cyberspace

>> Call for Papers:
– International cooperation – International relations
– Norms development (international treaties, legal framework, etc.)
– Governance (e.g. the role of states, IOs, NGOs, etc.)
Borders in cyberspace (e.g. territoriality, sovereignty, etc.)
Cyber world order, Conflict, ETC.
>> Conference Venue: Tallinn, Estonia
>> Conference Date: 26-29 May 2015
>> Abstract submission: 1 October 2014
>> More details, please visit:

IUAES Inter-Congress 2015: Re-imagining Anthropological and Sociological Boundaries

>> Sub-Themes
Ethnicity and Religion Revisited
Modernity, Development
Gender, Family, Generational Relations
Politics, Conflict, Security, Human Rights
Anthropology and Sociology from the Global South
Food, ETC.
>> Conference Date: 15-17 July 2015
>> Conference Venue: Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand
>> Deadline for Panel Proposals: 30 September 2014
>> More information, please visit:

Workshop: New Threats to Democracy

>> Conference Date: 5 December 2014
>> Conference Venue: Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia
>> Bursaries: 4 bursaries will be available for PhD student.
>> The workshop will take place on 5 December 2014 at Australian Catholic University.
>> Abstracts Due: 15 September 2014

Call for Papers: International Conference “Disclosing Invisible Society”

>> International Conference “Disclosing Invisible Society: Informal and Concealed Social Networks under Communism”
>> Conference Date: 5-6 December 2014
>> Conference Venue:  Vilnius University, Lithuania
>> The deadline for applications: 15 September 2014
>> There is NO conference FEE.
>> The organizers will cover the accommodation costs of the paper presenters.
>> More details, please visit:

The 5th International Conference on International Studies

>> Conference Theme:
>> Sub-themes:
– Nation-states, Ethnicity and Minority groups, Migration, Refugeees
– Gender, International Political Economy, International Human Rights
– International Relations and Foreign Policy
Defense and Security, Environment, Hospital and Tourism
– Culture and Civilization, Education, Health and Media, ETC.
>> Conference Date: 1-2 December 2014
>> Conference Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
>> Abstracts Submission Deadline: 31 August 2014
>> More information, please visit:

International Conference: “Taiwan: The View from the South”

>> Call for Papers:
Social movements and informal politics
The history and practice of religion in Taiwan
Political relations in its region, including with the PRC
Economic relation between China and Taiwan, ETC.
>> Conference Venue: Canberra, Australia
>> Conference Date: 6 – 8 January 2015
>> Submission Deadline: 1 September 2014
>> Financial Support: The conference organisers will provide accommodation for the nights of 5 – 8 January 2015.
>> More details, please visit:

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