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Conference on Religions and Politics in Contemporary Chinese Societies

>> Call for Papers:
– The religious policy of the Chinese state
– The blending of religious and ethnic policies
– Islam and its representations in the global and local contexts
– State policies towards “superstition” and new religious movements
– Repression, regulation and support of religion by the Chinese state
– The religious dimension of Chinese politics and the Chinese state, etc.
>> Conference venue: Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
>> Conference dates: 2 – 4 April 2015
>> The deadline for abstracts: 1 March 2015
More information, please visit:

Migration and Late Capitalism: Critical Intersections with the Asia-Pacific and Beyond

>> Call for Papers: Key themes:
– Policy Advocacy, Activism, and Mobilization, Border Security
– Colonialisms, Imperialisms, and Late Capitalisms
– Indigenous Displacement and Mobility
– Environmental Degradation, Religion and Migration, etc.
>> Conference Date: 11-13 June 2015
>> Conference Venue: University of Victoria, BC, Canada
>> Deadline for submissions: 27 February 2015
>> More details, please visit:

5th Annual International Conference Political Science, Sociology, and International Relations

>> Call for Papers:
Political Science
Political theory, Political philosophy, Political systems, etc.
Sociology of Culture & Cultural Studies, Economic sociology, etc.
International Relations
Globalization, Global Governance, International Political Economy, etc.
>> Conference Date: 14 – 15 September 2015
>> Conference Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
>> Paper Submission Deadline: 2 April 2015
>> More information, please visit:

The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) Inter-Congress 2015

>> Call for Papers:“Re-imagining Anthropological and Sociological Boundaries”
– Ethnicity and Religion Revisited
– Modernity, Development, Mobility, Gender
– Politics, Conflict, Security, Human Rights, Food
– Anthropology and Sociology from the Global South
>> Conference Date: 15-17 July 2015
>> Conference Venue: Thammasat University, Bangkok, THAILAND
>> The deadline for submitting proposals: 15 February 2015
>> More information, please visit:

Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference 2015

>> Call for Papers:
– Women and Culture, Gender equality
– Women as entrepreneurs, Women and environment
Women in politics, other topics related to women’s issues
>> Conference Date: 1-3 March 2015
>> Conference Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
>> Deadline for abstract submissions: 10 February 2015
>> More information, please visit:

The Society for the Study of Social Problems

>> Call for Papers:
>> Program Theme: “Removing the Mask, Lifting the Veil: Race, Class, and Gender in the 21st Century”
>> Conference Date: 21-23 August 2015
>> Conference venue: Chicago, IL
>> Papers Submission Deadline: 31 January 2015
>> For more information, please visit:

The 2015 International Conference on Asia-Pacific Studies

>> Call for Papers:
>> Theme: “Identity and Integration: Competing Dynamics in Asia-Pacific”
>> Conference Venue: National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
>> Conference Date: 12-14 November 2015
>> Abstract submission due: 17 May 2015
>> Free Registration, Free local food, and a free half-day city tour
>> More details, please visit:

Democracy: A Citizen Perspective

>> Call for Papers:
– Citizens and representative democracy
– Political participation through social media
– Do democratic innovations improve the quality of democracy? etc.
>> Conference Date: 27-28 May 2015
>> Conference Venue: Åbo Akademi University, Finland
>> Paper proposals due: 31 January 2015
***No conference fee, and meals provided for all participants.
>> More information, please visit:

The Sixth Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2015

>> Call for Papers:
>> Conference Theme: “Power”
>> Conference Venue: Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
>> Conference Date: 11-14 June 2015
>> Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 February 2015
>> More information, please visit:

Hong Kong International Conference on Social Science

>> Call for Papers:
communication, culture, economics,
education, finance, law, management,
politics, psychology, and society.
>> Conference Date: 6-8 July 2015
>> Conference Venue: Hong Kong
>> Deadline for submission of abstracts: 25 March 2015
>> More information, please visit:

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