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International Conference: “Borderlands of Becoming, Belonging and Sharing”

Conference Date: 29 May – 1 June 2014
Conference Venue: Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme: “Borderlands of Becoming, Belonging and Sharing”
Call for Papers:
Indian and South Asian Studies
– South-East Asian Studies (including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos)
– Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies
– Middle Eastern Studies (including Assyria, Iran, Egypt, Turkey)
– Comparative Studies of Asian and East Asian Studies
, ETC.
Submission Deadline: 1 February 2014
More details, please visit:

International Conference on Developing China’s Innovation Based Economy Through Technology Entrepreneurship.

Jilin University China
Conference Dates: 29-30 April, 2014
Conference Venue: Jilin, Changchun, China
Call for Papers:
– Entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth
– Entrepreneurship and new business development
– Innovation and entrepreneurship policy
– Entrepreneurial economy
– Technology Entrepreneurship in Education
– Confucian entrepreneurship, ETC.
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 March 2014
More details, please visit:

Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research

– Conference Dates: 5-7 June 2014
– Conference Venue: Bangkok, Thailand.
Call for Papers:
– The conference theme is  “The Interdisciplinary Approach to Research, Practice and Learning”
Business Ethics, General Management,Strategic Management, Public Sector Management, Education, Law, Politics, Sociology, etc.
– Submission Deadline: 21 March 2014
– More information, please visit:

Conference: “Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos”

– Conference Dates: 21-25 October 2014
– Conference Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark
Call for Papers:
Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos is an international, interdisciplinary conference exploring how island status influences urban development, common attributes of island cities worldwide, and the opportunities that island-ness presents for developing urban cultures and economies.
– Abstracts Deadline: 30 April 2014
– More details, please visit:
*Many Thanks to Jonathan J. Spangler (IDAS) for the information.

International PhD Student Conference: University of Nottingham

– PhD Student Conference: “China Links: Connecting the World”
– Conference Date: 18th-19th July 2014
– Conference Venue: School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Nottingham
Call for Papers:
– anthropology, business and finance, economics, history
– international relations, politics, sociology
– Submission Deadline: 20th March 2014
More details, please visit:

Call for papers: Governance in India

Call for Papers: “Governance in India”
– Relationships between government institutions and party politics
– The role of courts in shaping policies
– Privatization and the regulation of privately delivered services
– The effect of technocratic and populist impulses on institutional reform
– Public participation in the formulation and implementation of policy
– Questions of accountability and corruption control.
– Five papers will be selected for publication in Governance and in the Jindal Journal of Public Policy.
– Authors of these papers will participate in a symposium to be held at the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy in Delhi on 6-7 October 2014, with travel expenses paid by conference organizers.
– Submission Deadline: 31 January 2014
– More information, please visit:

4th Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network

– Conference Date: 8-10 December 2014
– Conference Venue: Southeast Asia Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong
Call for Papers:
“Activated Borders: Re-openings, Ruptures and Relationships”
Re-openings: Asia has witnessed many closed and then re-opened borders.
Ruptures: The closing of borders may lead to networks, communities and pathways being reimagined and restructured.
Relationships: Cycles of border activation impinge on the evolution of ethnic, family and gender relations; trade, investment and infrastructure; migration and tourism; the flow of information and technology; environmental issues; security concerns; and many more.
– Submission Deadline: 1 February 2014
More details, please visit:

5th ECPR Graduate Conference

University of Innsbruck
– Conference Venue: University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
– Conference Date: 3 July – 5 July 2014
Call for Papers:
The Theory of Democracy in Times of Crisis – Dialogues and Proposals
– Submission Deadline: 19 January 2014
– More information, please visit:

‘Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship: Which Policies & Practices Work Best’

Conference Date: 8-9 May 2014
Conference Venue: Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht University
• Policies and practices for women entrepreneurship promotion: evidence of impact?
• Private sector development programs
• Women’s entrepreneurship promotion in conflict zones
• Feminist perspectives on entrepreneurship
• Measuring policy impact on gender justice and inclusive growth, ETC.
Submission Deadline: 10 March 2014
More details, please visit:

The 2014 Conference on Education and Human Development in Asia

Hiroshima Prefecture
Conference Date: 2-4 March 2014
Conference Venue: Hiroshima, Japan
Call for Papers:
Change, Continuity and Diversity: Perspectives on Sustainability for Asia
Areas of Human Development
– Population and Aging, Healthcare and Social Support
– Politics and Conflict, Inequality and Justice
– Gender and Culture, Migration and Identity
– Environment and Technology, Economy and Sustainability
Proposals Deadline: 20 January 2014
More details, please visit:

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