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The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies

>> Call for Papers:
– Theme: “Cultural Struggle and Praxis: Negotiating Power and the Everyday”
>> Conference Venue: Kobe, Japan
>> Conference Date: 2-5 June 2016
>> Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 February 2016
>> More information, please visit:

International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Liberal Arts

>> Call for Papers:
Education, Psychology, and Liberal Arts
>> Conference Date: 20-22 April 2016
>> Conference Venue: Taipei, Taiwan
>> Submission Deadline: 31 January 2016
>> More information, please visit:

The 29th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies

>> Call for Papers:
South Asian Studies
>> Conference Date: 24-25 September 2016
>> Conference Venue: Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Kobe, JAPAN
>> Deadline for proposals: 31 March 2016
>> More information, please visit:

International Conference on Social Science, Literature and Education

>> Call for Papers:
• Administrative Sciences, Anthropology, Environmental studies
• Politics, society, and international relations
• Public Governance, Sociology
• Sustainable Development, History, etc.
>> Conference Date: 2-3 April 2016
>> Conference Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
>> Abstract Deadline: 25 March 2016
>> More information, please visit:!bangkok-/cv5v

Inter-Congress World anthropologies and privatization of knowledge

>> Call for Papers:
– Anthropological and Ethnological issues
>> Conference Venue: Dubrovnik, Croatia
>> Conference Date: 4-9 May 2016
>> Submission Deadline: 29 February 2016
>> Travel grants are available.
>> More information, please visit:

change of credit point requirement in IDAS

Did everyone get that email from Dr. Holm? It read, in part:

At its meeting tomorrow, the IDAS Executive Committee will be considering the possibility of lowering the total number of credit points IDAS students need for graduation. The current total is 33 points.
As you may be aware, NCCU is currently in the process of reforming its teaching and reducing teaching loads. The main focus is on undergraduate education, but the University is currently allowing MA and PhD programs also to reduce the number of required credit points. 
So, the question is, are you in favour of:
(1) the status quo (no change)
(2) a marginal reduction in total credit points required (say down to 30 or 27)
(3) a substantial reduction in total credit points (24 or lower)
Please post your opinions — and any news about this issue.

International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2016

Dr. Blundell is putting together a panel for this international conference at Academia Sinica. It is an ideal opportunity for IDAS and IMAS students.

The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2016 will be held at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan from 13-18 March 2016, with co-located events and workshops. The conference is hosted by the Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre (ASGC).

The theme of ISGC 2016 focuses on“Ubiquitous e-infrastructures and Applications”. Contemporary research is impossible without a strong IT component – researchers rely on the existence of stable and widely available e-infrastructures and their higher level functions and properties. As a result of these expectations, e-Infrastructures are becoming ubiquitous, providing an environment that supports large scale collaborations that deal with global challenges as well as smaller and temporal research communities focusing on particular scientific problems. To support those diversified communities and their needs, the e-Infrastructures themselves are becoming more layered and multifaceted, supporting larger groups of applications.

More information here:

Or contact Dr. Blundell about participating.

Conference on Politics, Conflict, and Development

>> Call for Papers:

  • State and Local Policy Response to Emergencies and Humanitarian Crises
  • Political Conflicts and Regional Implications
  • Political Transitions, Democratization, and the Spread of Authoritarianism
  • Changing Roles of International Organizations
  • Development Challenges in Conflict Areas, etc.

>> Conference Date: 15-16 Apr 2016
>> Conference Venue: Virginia International University, Fairfax, Virginia
>> Abstracts for papers 30 January 2016
>> More information, please visit:

3rd Annual Conference on the History of recent Social Science

>> Call for Papers:

  • The uptake of social science concepts and figures in wider intellectual and popular discourses
  • Comparative institutional histories of departments and programs
  • Border disputes and boundary work between disciplines as well as academic cultures
  • The role of social science in post-colonial state-building governance
  • Social science adaptations to the changing media landscape
  • The role and prominence of disciplinary memory in a comparative context

>> Conference Venue: London School of Economics and Political Science
>> Conference Date: 3-4 June 2016
>> The deadline for receipt of abstracts: 5 February 2016
>> More information, please visit:


>> Call for Papers:
>> “India at the Crossroads”
>> Conference Venue: TERI University, New Delhi
>> Conference Date: 18-20 March 2016
>> Proposal deadline: 15 January 2016
>> More information, please visit:

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