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Thai delegation

We are getting a rather serendipitous visit by a delegation of 20 professors from Naresuan University in Thailand, including faculty from political science, public administration,
sociology, anthropology, and history.

Their stated purpose is to make an academic visit to a prominent world-class university, and they have chosen National Chengchi University as the place to hit first. (In fact, we will be the only Uni they visit on this trip.)

They are keen to build relations between their institution and NCCU that would include a wide range of collaborations such as hosting exchange students, lecturers, and researchers.

They singled out the IMAS and IDAS programs as being of particular interest to them, as they plan to offer two new possible curriculums, in the form of a Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Southeast Asian Studies next year. As such, they would like to discuss course curricula, syllabi, etc…

It looks like this may lead to an invitation to go to Thailand in 2013 for a special event celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Department of Political Science and Public Administration.

This would be a great networking opportunity (plus, c’mon – it’s in Thailand!) as Phitsanulok is regarded as one of the strategic hubs on mainland Southeast Asia, and who knows? There might be an expert in your field of research who can help you out, or even sit on your dissertation committee. Especially if your research involves ASEAN, as it appears they also have a strong connection to the association.

Long story short: the aim of this visit is to forge a long-term, collaborative cross-institutional relationship that could greatly benefit IDAS and IMAS students.

So, if you are free on Thursday, August 9th, please think about coming out to meet and talk to the delegates.

The location hasn’t been determined yet, but I will post updates with more information as it comes in.

Call for Post-Doctoral Fellowship Proposal

The Centre for Governance and Citizenship (CGC) is an Institute-level research centre of the Hong Kong Institute of Education committed to conducting interdisciplinary scholarly research and facilitating public discourse on governance issues and citizenship studies. Current research being undertaken in the Centre focuses on Asian conceptions of citizenship; ethnic minorities in Hong Kong; civic missions and students’ participation in schools; moral, national, and civic education in schools; human rights and rule of law education; governance and policy issues in the higher education sector; governance and public policy issues in Asia, etc.

The CGC invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship within the Centre. Applicants should have a doctoral degree in research areas related to Governance/Citizenship Studies/Citizenship Education/Human Rights and Civil Society, evidence of an emerging scholarship and a high level of proficiency in English. Ability to write for internationally recognized academic journals is a requirement for the Fellowship. A typical appointment will be up to a period of 12 months.

Interested applicants should submit a research proposal and publication plan to for initial indication of interest by 30 July 2012. The Centre shall further advise formal application procedures.


Education About Asia Online Archives

The Association for Asian Studies (AAS) has recently announced the availability of its “EDUCATION ABOUT ASIA” Online Archives.

You can register to access approximately 900 articles from all thirty-seven back issues of “Education About Asia” from 1996–2008 and browse or search the Tables of Contents. Registration is free.

You can also subscribe to the Print Edition of “Education About Asia,” each issue of which has articles on all areas of Asia, with subjects ranging from ancient cultures and literatures to current affairs, along with essays describing educational programs, and guides to movies, books, and online resources. To ensure that you have access to the most recent issues of this publication. 

Social Science Research Network

SSRN delivered its 50 millionth full-text paper download early in 2012 and is currently close to 56 million downloads to date; a current run rate of 1,000,000 per month. This indicates the community’s desire for tomorrow’s research today and the value of broadly sharing pre-publication, interdisciplinary research.

The SSRN eLibrary currently contains 430,000 paper abstracts from 200,000 authors and has received over 66,000 new submissions over the last 12 months.

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