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Online publication space for IDAS/IMAS

We have been working at IIR to get some online publishing space for IDAS/IMAS students. Here’s some good news.
Those of you who want to write weekly/monthly updates, commentaries, short articles and analysis are welcome to send them for review to the IIR.We also welcome monthly reports from the NCCU Union Society , or other documents from conferences and meetings. Selected articles  will be published on a monthly basis on the MCSS ( MacArthur Centre for Security Studies) website. You can check out the website here and also subscribe to it on Facebook.

Contributions should be about a 1000 words. These must be concise, clear and pertinent to regional issues.They will be thoroughly reviewed and edited by the IIR-MCSS editorial group under Dr. Fu Kuo Liu. All contributions are expected to be original analyses, carefully referenced and must maintain ethical standards. You can send in articles published elsewhere with a link to the original website or reference. Borrowed photographs, data or statistics must note the source.

Some authors may be notified to have their articles published in the print version of Strategic Vision.
We are calling for papers on but not restricted to the following issues:  IR/Security studies/ Cross strait relations/ Asia Pacific Political Economy/ Finance and Economy/ Defense/ Asia Pacific society and development.
We will place your articles into one of the following clusters. New divisions may be made to fit in new topics.
1. North East Asia Regionalism and domestic politics: China ,Japan,Korea
2. ASEAN and South East Asia
3. South Asia Politics and International Relations.
4. Taiwan politics and Cross-Strait Relations.
5. US and Trans – Pacific Relations.
6. Economy and Finance in the Asia Pacific
7. Military and Defense in the Asia Pacific
8. Asia Pacific Non Traditional and Energy Security.


So far, we are trying to make this an IDAS/IMAS – MCSS(IIR) initiative.But we hope that this will incrementally grow to include contributions from elsewhere. We urge students to fully utilize this opportunity to improve and develop their analysis skills and enhance their CVs.
Also, any IDAS student why wish to help in the editing department are welcome. We would like to get everybody involved in editing probably on a monthly rotation basis.
Please write to  for more information and clarifications. You may send your entrees to
Best wishes and Regards,

Jasnea Sarma
Research Assistant


2013 Melbourne-Renda International Conference 2013: 人大-墨爾本國際研討會

Theme: Social Transformation and Policy in 21st Century China 二十一世紀中國的社會轉型與政策
Date: Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 August 2013
Venue: Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Paper Deadline: Friday, 24 May 2013
The conference is designed to be inclusive and interdisciplinary, but will focus on the following broad areas:
Social inequality and policy interventions
– Social conflicts and mass protests in China
– Ethnicity and minority groups in China
– Gender-related issues in contemporary China
– China’s environment problems and public health issues
– Social policy and the roles of NGOs and other welfare agencies
– Social welfare (‘welfare state’) reforms in China, ETC
For more details, please visit:

Call for Papers: 20th NZASIA Biennial International Conference

The conference will cover the full range of disciplinary and area studies approaches to East, Southeast and South Asia.
All papers will be considered for publication.
Conference Date: 22-24 November 2013
Conference Venue: University of Auckland’s Business School, Auckland, New Zealand
Deadline for Proposals: 17 May 2013
For more information, please visit:

CALL FOR PAPERS: The 2013 International Conference on Asia-Pacific Studies: Taiwan

Conference Theme: “Changes and Challenges in the Asia-Pacific”
Conference Dates: 7-9 November 2013
Conference Location: National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Paper Deadline: 30 April 2013
The 2013 conference aims to highlight interdisciplinary researches on political science, economics, sociology, history and culture studies, political and economic development, security, policy studies, cross-border migration, globalization and regionalization, as well as other topics related to Asia-Pacific Studies.
Registration fee: Free
Free local food and partial coverage on local accommodation, depending on the funds raised.
For more details, please visit:,r335-1.php

Paid Internships at US Companies

Hi guys,

A friend of mine is helping the American Chamber of Commerce source qualified candidates for paid internships at US companies here in Taipei.

I am told that, as NCCU students, we already have a good reputation, and stand a better-than-average chance of being accepted for one of these positions. I highly recommend you apply for the big one at McKinsey Consulting.

When Internships are listed on AmCham site, students can choose which ones they want. Companies follow up directly with length of Internship and salary.
Ford has 10 Internships, based on creativity. The Hyatt, Far Eastern Hotel, and Howard plaza all need Interns who speak some Japanese.

Here is the page with all the details:

Only ROC citizens can apply, I’m afraid.

This is a great opportunity to find a position in a major company that will expand your network and may even help advance your dissertation, so I urge you to consider it.

Good luck!

10th European Congress of Taiwan Studies & Annual Meeting-European Association for Taiwanese Studies

Dear all,

Merci Philippe for sharing the information below with us:

10e congrès européen d’études taiwanaise et réunion annuelle de l’Association Européenne d’Etudes Taiwanaises

22 avril 2013

Panels: Taiwan’s security ; Economic integration and trade across the Taiwan Strait ; Small islands, big issues : Taiwan and Ireland in comparison ; Taiwan’s non-Aboriginal literature ; Migrations and new members ; Religious Issues in Taiwan ; ; Indigenous literature ; New perspectives on Taiwan’s international relations ; Media industries ; Cross-Strait politics since the 2012 elections ; Crafting new political spaces and visibilities ; Cultural flows ; Taiwan history ; Environmental issues and tourism ; Taiwan’s domestic politics : a neighbouring context ; Economic Integration and trade across the Taiwan strait ; Historical geopolitics of Taiwan.

Call for papers: ACSET 2013: Japan

The First Annual Asian Conference on Society, Education and Technology
Conference Date: October 23-27 2013
Conference Venue: Osaka, Japan
Paper Deadline: July 1, 2013
Paper Theme:
1. Technology and Society: The Social and Societal Impact and Implications of Technology
2. Technology and Society: Technologies, Societies and Communities
3. Education and Technology: Teaching, Learning, Technology & Education Support
4. Education, Technology and Society: Technologies, Knowledge Creation and Access
5. Technology and Society: Computers, Technology & Society: IT Deliver
6. Technology and Society: ICT & Security: Questions of Privacy, Governance & Trust
7. Technology and Society – Green Computing: ICT, Sustainability, Energy and the Environment
For more information, please visit:

Penghu Conference – Free airfare

There’s a conference in October being held on Penghu. Having just visited the island, I can personally vouch for its awesomeness.

Most importantly, this is looking like it could be an all-expenses paid trip, so I highly recommend that you submit an abstract.

Professor Blundell is organizing an IDAS/IMAS panel on the topic of “Contextualizing Island Taiwan in the Asia Pacific,” and Professor Kuan would like to make the event an IDAS/IMAS -sponsored outing.

That means we students won’t have to pay airfare.

If you need to attend an international conference in order to graduate, and you don’t have lots of money floating around, then I highly recommend signing up for this.

Remember, the abstracts are due soon, so act now! Here are the details:

The International Geographical Union Commission on Islands is pleased to announce the international conference on Island Development – Local Economy, Culture, Innovation and Sustainability for Island Development.

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for paper abstracts: April 30, 2013
  • Notification of acceptance: May 31, 2013
  • Full papers due: August 15, 2013
  • Date of Conference: 1-5 October 2013

Since we are running an IMAS/IDAS panel, there is a little wiggle room on that abstract deadline, but not much! You can send your abstracts, and address any questions you have, to Dr. Blundell, or to myself.

Call for Papers: PEGNet conference 2013

Conferece: The Poverty Reduction, Equity, and Growth Network’s (PEGNet) conference 2013
Theme: How to Shape Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Economies in the Developing World: Global, Regional, and Local Solutions
Venue: Department of Economics at University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: October 17-18, 2013
Deadline for Papers: May 15, 2013
For more details, please visit:

NCCU Annual Cultural Event: World Festival (5/7)

Dear all,

“World Festival”, the biggest annual cultural event of NCCU is coming soon! Organized by Overseas Chinese Students, Student Ambassador and students from College of Foreign Languages& Literature would like to present you the depth of culture and provide you a good chance to make friends!

Major Activities

May 7 Opening Ceremony
May7 An Aboriginal Expression – Starry Starry Night
May 7-9 Food Festival
May 8-9 Special Performances/ Closing Ceremony
May 10 Can you sing in Cantonese? – A fun contest

More info:

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