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International Journal of Taiwan Studies: Call for Papers

International Journal of Taiwan Studies (IJTS) is an academic journal cosponsored by Academia Sinica and the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) to be launched in March 2018. IJTS is an ambitious project as it aims to be a principal outlet for the dissemination of cutting-edge research on Taiwan in the areas of social sciences, as well as arts and humanities. It will need your support and contribution in order to realise its full potential.
I hope you will consider submitting your research paper to the IJTS. The submission process is very easy as the publisher, Brill, has completed an online system for the journal:
Meanwhile if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the IJTS Editorial Office. They will endeavour to help as much as they can. Please find below a Call for Papers from the IJTS, as well as a PDF copy of the Instructions for Authors:

Publishing opportunity/ topc: “The Many Faces of Taiwaneseness in Contemporary Popular Culture”


Call for Abstracts

Special issue: “The Many Faces of Taiwaneseness in Contemporary Popular Culture”

Guest editor: Adina Zemanek

The end of the martial law ushered in an intensified process of “Taiwanization” in many social and cultural fields, and Taiwanese identity has arguably become the favourite concern of English-language scholarship on Taiwan. However, while local/national identity as formulated in the cinema (especially during the 1980s and 1990s) has received a considerable amount of scholarly attention, many other areas and aspects of popular culture have remained relatively unexplored. This issue seeks to throw some light onto such hitherto less visible areas, by focusing on the articulation of Taiwaneseness in cultural texts and practices from the most recent years. We welcome contributions that engage with the following questions: Does contemporary popular culture display a Taiwanese specificity, a local “cultural geometry”? What kind of cultural practices could define Taiwaneseness? Does popular culture openly undertake the task of constructing a Taiwanese identity, or is this task hidden between the lines? Does it assume (overtly or covertly) the existence of any kind of “other” for a contrastive definition of Taiwan? What is the relevance of other regions (such as China, Japan, Korea, the United States, or others) in shaping what Taiwan now is? Does contemporary popular culture engage with issues of ethnicity? Does it revisit the past and employ history and memory for a national project?

We are looking for paper abstracts on the following topics: television shows, TV drama, cinema, comics, fashion, fandom, street-style, celebrity culture, the body, popular fiction, music, dance,

contemporary forms of traditional popular culture (performing arts, or others).

Deadline for abstract submission: January 31, 2016

E-mail address for submissions: or

Website of the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture:,id=238/

Asian Perspectives is currently soliciting manuscripts

Asian Perspectives is currently soliciting scholarly manuscripts on Asian and Pacific archaeology for its 2016 and 2017 issues. Contact the Editors – Mike Carson (Pacific region) or Rowan Flad (Asian region) – at

Asian Perspectives is the leading peer-reviewed archaeological journal devoted to the prehistory of East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific regions.  We publish articles and reviews of books on archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, palaeoanthropology, bioarchaeology, and ethnographic and linguistic studies of interest and use to the prehistorian. We are also interested in articles on innovative methodologies in the archaeology of the region, theoretical topics of interest to researchers specializing in a specific area of Asia or the Pacific, and syntheses of recent work on topics that have been underrepresented in the English-language archaeological literature.

Published biannually, Asian Perspectives reaches a broad international audience of scholars. It is indexed or abstracted in: Abstracts in Anthropology, Anthropological Index On-line, Anthropological Literature, CIRS-International Center for Scientific Research, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, Social Sciences Citation Index, and other highly visible guides to scientific scholarship.

Visit our website:

For submission guidelines:

To subscribe:

Call for Papers: Journal on Current Chinese Affairs (Taiwan Edition)

The Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (JCCA), in cooperation with the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (CCKF-ERCCT), is inviting contributions for a new Taiwan edition on the topic:

Assessing the Administration of President Ma Ying-jeou

guest edited by Sabrina Habich & Stefan Fleischauer (ERCCT Tübingen)

When Ma Ying-jeou took office in 2008 public support for the Kuomintang (KMT) was strong, largely because many Taiwanese were hugely dissatisfied with the administration of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and former president Chen Shui-bian. Chen’s entanglement in corruption scandals and alleged mismanagement of Taiwan’s economy and external relations allowed Ma Ying-jeou to run a successful campaign which was based on reviving the economy, engaging China, and combatting corruption. Over the past seven years the Ma administration has in many regards left an imprint on Taiwan.
This topical issue shall focus on a retrospective evaluation of the presidency of Ma Ying-jeou (2008-2016), with a particular emphasis on the following issues:

  • The political economy of Cross-Strait Relations, including cross-strait economic integration, cross-strait (labor) migration, and cross-Strait social and academic interaction
  • Domestic politics with a focus on China policy-making
  • Socio-economic change, pinpointing civil society, social cleavages, immigration policies and social welfare development
  • Taiwan in the international community, including Taiwan’s “international space”, national security and U.S.-Taiwan relations, territorial conflicts, and Taiwan’s soft power
  • Taiwan in East Asian economic integration

The Journal of Current Chinese Affairs is an internationally refereed academic journal published by the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg. It is simultaneously published online as an Open Access journal and as a printed version. Ranked 7th by the Google Scholar impact ranking system for Chinese Studies journals it is one of the world’s most widely read and influential periodicals on Asian affairs.
Interested scholars are invited to submit an outline of their contributions until 1st April, 2015 to:
Sabrina Habich (

Online publication space for IDAS/IMAS

We have been working at IIR to get some online publishing space for IDAS/IMAS students. Here’s some good news.
Those of you who want to write weekly/monthly updates, commentaries, short articles and analysis are welcome to send them for review to the IIR.We also welcome monthly reports from the NCCU Union Society , or other documents from conferences and meetings. Selected articles  will be published on a monthly basis on the MCSS ( MacArthur Centre for Security Studies) website. You can check out the website here and also subscribe to it on Facebook.

Contributions should be about a 1000 words. These must be concise, clear and pertinent to regional issues.They will be thoroughly reviewed and edited by the IIR-MCSS editorial group under Dr. Fu Kuo Liu. All contributions are expected to be original analyses, carefully referenced and must maintain ethical standards. You can send in articles published elsewhere with a link to the original website or reference. Borrowed photographs, data or statistics must note the source.

Some authors may be notified to have their articles published in the print version of Strategic Vision.
We are calling for papers on but not restricted to the following issues:  IR/Security studies/ Cross strait relations/ Asia Pacific Political Economy/ Finance and Economy/ Defense/ Asia Pacific society and development.
We will place your articles into one of the following clusters. New divisions may be made to fit in new topics.
1. North East Asia Regionalism and domestic politics: China ,Japan,Korea
2. ASEAN and South East Asia
3. South Asia Politics and International Relations.
4. Taiwan politics and Cross-Strait Relations.
5. US and Trans – Pacific Relations.
6. Economy and Finance in the Asia Pacific
7. Military and Defense in the Asia Pacific
8. Asia Pacific Non Traditional and Energy Security.


So far, we are trying to make this an IDAS/IMAS – MCSS(IIR) initiative.But we hope that this will incrementally grow to include contributions from elsewhere. We urge students to fully utilize this opportunity to improve and develop their analysis skills and enhance their CVs.
Also, any IDAS student why wish to help in the editing department are welcome. We would like to get everybody involved in editing probably on a monthly rotation basis.
Please write to  for more information and clarifications. You may send your entrees to
Best wishes and Regards,

Jasnea Sarma
Research Assistant


Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol 42, No 1 (2013)

Some useful resources from those studying China. Hope it helps.

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol 42, No 1 (2013)

Chinese Impacts and Impacting China


Chinese Impacts and Impacting China
Karsten Giese
Abstract / PDF (English)

Research Articles

Aid Donor Meets Strategic Partner? The European Union’s and China’s Relations with Ethiopia
Christine Hackenesch
Abstract / PDF (English)

China’s Impact on the Global Wind Power Industry
Rasmus Lema, Axel Berger, Hubert Schmitz

Abstract / PDF (English)

China–Europe Relations in the Mitigation of Climate Change: A Conceptual Framework
Axel Berger, Doris Fischer, Rasmus Lema, Hubert Schmitz, Frauke Urban

Abstract / PDF (English)

Chinese Economic Statecraft: A Comparative Study of China’s Oil-backed Loans in Angola and Brazil
Ana Cristina Alves

Abstract / PDF (English)

Learning from Failure: China’s Overseas Oil Investments
Susana Moreira

Abstract / PDF (English)

The Safety of Chinese Citizens Abroad: A Quantitative Interpretation of the “Special Notices for Chinese Citizens Abroad” (2008–2010)
Duanyong Wang
Abstract / PDF (English)

Bringing the Low-Carbon Agenda to China: A Study in Transnational Policy Diffusion
Andreas Hofem, Sebastian Heilmann
Abstract / PDF (English)

Some Resources on China

For those Interested, two papers on China that might be useful….

GIGA Working Paper No 216:

No 216 Joachim Betz: The Reform of China‘s Energy Policies

China’s shift in energy policies has been broader, deeper and more successful than that of most other emerging economies, although the economic costs of this transition are tremendous because China is an over industrialized country whose production is highly energy-intense and it depends on emission-intensive coal as main energy source. Factors that have influenced energy reforms, which focus on saving and conserving energy, developing renewable sources and nuclear power, are – on the international level – the impact of climate change on India, the desire to be recognized as a responsible power in the international community, China’s dangerously growing dependence on energy imports, and the uncertain prospects of equity oil abroad for energy security. Domestic factors are the growing assertiveness of environmental NGOs, relatively effective sectorial governance, and the embedding of energy policies in a blueprint for industrial upgrading.

GIGA Working Paper No 214:

No 214 Nele Noesselt: Microblogs in China: Bringing the State Back In

This paper reflects the adaptation and transformation of the Chinese party -state ‘s governing strategy in the digital era. Through a discourse analysis of the current Chinese debate on the role of microblogs in China, it argues that China ‘s political elites have revised their social management strategy. They now tend to base their political decision -making on strategic calculations that reflect online public opinion in order to increase the system’s efficiency and to generate a new kind of performance -based legitimacy. This turn to a more responsive mode of governance has been driven by the findings of Internet surveys and reports provided by Chinese research institutes and advisory bodies. A close reading of these documents and reports helps to answer the question of why authoritarian states such as China do not prohibit the spread of new communication technologies, even though these are said to have triggered or at least facilitated the rebellions of the Arab Spring.

China Economic Policy Review (CEPR) and Global Journal of Economics (GJE)

CEPR welcomes papers on the Chinese economy in all economic fields. Theoretical and/or empirical papers with policy implications are most welcome. You can get more information about this journal at <>. Please send your submissions to <>. You can download a copy of the publisher’s flyer at <>.

GJE invites submissions of papers on international economics, cross-country studies, and the global economy. You can get more information about this journal at <>. Please send your submissions to <>. You can download a copy of the publisher’s promotion flyer at <>.

Furthermore, the joint conferences organized by the Department of Economics, University of Tokyo and the Research Center for International Economics will be held on March 15-16, 2013. Updated information is posted at

As the New Year is coming, I suggest the following new year resolution: I will submit a paper to the APEA annual conference by February 15, 2013 (and/or organize an IDAS/IMAS session by March 15, 2013), and submit papers to GJE and CEPR very soon!

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol 31, No 3 (2012) AVAILABLE

A resource that I hope might be useful for some interested in Southeast Asia:

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol 31, No 3 (2012)

Research Articles

  • Provincial Poverty Dynamics in Lao PDR: A Case Study of Savannakhet
    Edo Andriesse, Anouxay Phommalath

AbstractPDF (English)

  • Elections, Independence, Democracy: The 2012 Timorese Electoral Cycle in Context
    Rui Graça Feijó
    AbstractPDF (English)

  • Labour Migration and the Economic Sustainability in Thailand
    Piriya Pholphirul
    AbstractPDF (English)

  • Case Study: The Myanmar and Bangladesh Maritime Boundary Dispute in the Bay of Bengal and Its Implications for South China Sea Claims
    Ravi A. Balaram
    AbstractPDF (English)
  • China’s Potential for Economic Coercion in the South China Sea Disputes: A Comparative Study of the Philippines and Vietnam
    Madhu Sudan Ravindran
    AbstractPDF (English)

China’s Foreign Policy Think Tanks (Working Paper)

For those interested or doing research in China’s Foreign Policy-making

GIGA Working Paper No 213 has now been published and is available free of charge at:

No 213 Pascal Abb: China’s Foreign Policy Think Tanks: Changing Roles and Structural Conditions

This paper provides an overview of the landscape of Chinese foreign policy think tanks, classifies them according to the activities they pursue, and offers some explanations as to how they have developed their particular characteristics – both at the level of individual institutes as well as in the broader national context. To this end, the paper introduces a new typology for the classification of think tanks and takes an in-depth look at their current activities.


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