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Call for Papers: BRICS and the new world (dis)order in global health.

The initiative aims to encourage a multi-sector exploration of synergies between global health, geopolitics and global development. The Editors of the journal Contemporary Politics invite high-quality, original submissions that present ‘tangible evidence’ of the BRICS contribution to global (dis) order, using a health lens for explaining or understanding broader interests and/or approaches of the BRICS for development cooperation. That evidence may draw on: the experiences of single BRICS countries, or indeed the foreign policy of individual BRICS countries; comparative analyses of two or more BRICS countries; or secondary analyses and discussion around any of the research questions identified above. Studies that seek to demonstrate trans-disciplinary synergies are especially welcome.

Please provide an abstract of between 100 and 150 words. Abstracts should include: a working title; a statement on methods; summary argument; tentative indication of findings; focus country/countries.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 19th November 2012.

for more informations, please visit:

Forum on the US Election: Does It Matter for East Asia?

Dear all,

I believe this Forum might be of interest to you. Looking forward to seeing you there, Juan

Forum: The US Election: Does It Matter for East Asia?
Date: November 5, 2011 (Monday) / Time: 14:00-15:30

Place: Institute of International Relations-New Briefing Room (Library Building)

Moderator: Dr. Arthur Ding

Guest: Robert M. Hathaway, Director of the Asia Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 伍德羅威爾遜國際學者中心亞洲計畫主任

A lecture on “Asia-Pacific Regional Development”

Guest Speaker of the course “Asia-Pacific Regional Development”

Speaker: Dr. Vincent Wei-Cheng Wang, Associate Dean and Professor of Political Science College of Arts and Sciences, University of Richmond

Topic:American Perspectives on the Rise of China and the Rise of India

Time:Nov 8th, 2012 (Thursday) at 7:30pm

Location:R270103, 1F, North Wing, General Building

RSVP is not required.

Please contact IMAS ( if having any question.

Lecture by visiting economist

A visiting economist from India, Professor Venkat, will be giving a lecture at IDAS on Wednesday,October 31st at 9AM. It will be held in the classroom near the english corner.

He is teaching QUANTITATIVE METHODS in International Relations research. This lecture can be attended by any and all interested IDAS/IMAS students.  If you have any questions, please email Jasnea.

Call for Papers: 2013 Bangkok International Conference on Social Science

2013 Bangkok International Conference on Social Science
Date: 25-27 January, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 Bangkok International Conference on Social Science aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice in social science.

BICSS 2013 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand during January 25-27, 2013. It is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of social science.

All submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.

Deadline for submission of abstracts/ full papers:     November 10, 2012
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection:                         November   1, 2012
Deadline for full conference registration:                   November 26, 2012
BICSS Conference:                                                   January 25-27, 2013

Proposals must be linked to one of the following themes:
– Communication
– Culture
– Economics
– Education
– Finance
– Law
– Management
– Politics
– Psychology
– Society

for more information, please visit:

On a bicycle built for, er, one.

The school’s R&D department is hosting a bicycle trip around the island. In fact, students and faculty from nine universities from around Taiwan are taking part in this pedal-powered circumnavigation.

The event takes place from November 10th to the 18th. Yes, you read that right: 9 days on a bike.

Cycling is a very popular pastime in Taiwan these days, and it’s a great way to take in some of the island’s awesome vistas, and to visit some of its charming small towns.

If nine days of sitting on a small piece of moulded plastic doesn’t appeal to you, there is a short morning ride on the 10th that you might find more enjoyable, and more amenable to walking normally afterward.

Anyone who is interested, please contact Janet ASAP, or email me and I will pass your name on to her. She needs to provide a list to the vice-dean of the R&D office, Dr. Yang, by next Tuesday, and arrange a bus to the starting line.

They have also offered us 20 free spots for a banquet dinner on November 11 at 6 pm hosted by the mayor of Taichung. The dinner includes a performance. Not by the mayor.


Of course, it seems to me the R&D department should be working on some way to attach an engine to these velocipedes. Perhaps we could call it a “motor-cycle.” Or something.

Teaching opportunity

Professrs Berman and Kuan are going to talk to the dean of OIC about offering a module of undergrad courses taught in English by IDAS ABD students. A module needs at least three courses.

The plan, in its initial iteration, is:

1. First of all, as an initial attempt, we should offer no more than 6 courses, which can be taught in two semesters.

2. These courses should be related to IMAS and IDAS courses, especially IMAS courses, since we are going to prompt the plan by stating that our qualified IDAS students also have TA experience of being IMAS courses or other teaching experiences.

3. Hence, the courses should be related to Taiwan, China or AP regional concerns.

4. The courses offered should be prepared to be offered repeatedly in the next few years, so that any IDAS students interested in gaining teaching experience as an instructor should be able to prepare the courses way ahead.

If you are an IDAS student having completed your quals, please post here, or talk to Dr. Kuan about what courses or modules of courses you would like to offer.

India and the idea of the ‘Indo-Pacific’… shall we start thinking of changing our name????

Seems like the debate between East Asia or Asia-Pacific approach to this part of the world will soon have a third leg to it…. shall we start thinking of changing our program’s name??? I am skeptic to be honest… I personally even think the “East Asia-only” approach will prevail over the more western-imposed idea of “Asia-Pacific”; but anyways, check out this article on the East Asia Forum… reminds me one heated debate we witnessed once a couple of years ago in our Asia-Pacific Regional Development class between Dr. Chungly Lee and a lost and forgotten classmate from Bangladesh, arguing about WHAT IS ASIA-PACIFIC? WE NEED TO DEFINE IT!

India and the idea of the ‘Indo-Pacific’

Author: D. Gnanagurunathan, ICWA

Lately the term ‘Indo-Pacific’ has acquired prominence among foreign policy analysts, security experts and journalists as they refer to the Asia Pacific region. They’ve adopted the term ‘Indo-Pacific’ instead of the Asia Pacific to deliberate on developments in the region, thereby giving it attending prominence, warrants attention.

The adoption of new terminologies, concepts and categorisations in consonance with developments is a common practice. During the colonial times, the Asian region was sub-divided into Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia, and boundaries were drawn to stabilise the spheres of influence. The post-World War II period witnessed a surge in the economic fortunes of the countries in the region. Japan and Australia promoted the term ‘Asia Pacific’ in the 1970s and 1980s to draw them closer to the United States and the economically burgeoning East Asia. India was far, geographically, from the region, and politically, economically and strategically remained uninvolved for inherent reasons.

Keep Reading!

APEBH 2013 in Seoul: Call for Papers

Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History Conference: APEBH 2013

Conference Date: 14-16 February 2013, Seoul National University (South Korea)

Papers and proposals for sessions are invited for the APEBH 2013 conference. The main conference theme is ‘Markets, institutions and people in economic crisis and recovery’ but the organisers are open to proposals for contributions on other topics in economic, social, and business history, as well as to proposals for sessions on particular themes. The conference organisers are particularly interested in attracting papers that examine developments in countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region and papers that provide an international comparative perspective.

Paper abstracts of one page may be submitted up to the closing date of 30 November 2012.

Some support will be made available to graduate students wishing to participate in the conference.

for more information, please visit:

The One-day Trip on Oct. 27 Northeast Coast spot — Jioufen, Jinguashin and Gold Museum

The International Youth (IY) holds a One-day Trip to Jioufen & Jinguashin on October 27th . These are around the hot spots in Northeast Coast of Taiwan; Jioufen(九份), Jinguashin(金瓜石) and Gold Museum (黃金博物館).

** Seats are limited and it’s on a first come first serve basis.**

Sign Up Date:             10/16 (Tues.) ~ 10/23 (Tues.)
Sign up place:           1. Commerce Building in front of 7-11 from 12 pm to 2 pm

2. I-House (Reception Counter), available 24 hours

Fees:    NTD 450/ person
Participants:     NCCU students, international exchange students welcome
Trip dates:      October 27th , 2012
Gathering Time & Place:      8:00am October 27 (Sat), Pavilion (八角亭) at NCCU


Grace: 0915386076 / E-mail:

Joy:  0987920409 / E-mail:

International Youth is sponsored by Office of International Cooperation, NCCU


NCCU International Youth

10/27 One-day Trip

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