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Harvard Volunteer Opportunity

A Harvard Conference will be held on campus in August, and the HPAIR team is preparing for the panel discussion.

Here is the website for HPAIR:

They are recuiting IDAS and IMAS researchers to help them with the panel preparation.  As you see below email, they need some help right away.

The panels are:

  1. International Development (Human Rights)
  2. Environment (Energy and environment)
  3. Security
  4. Economic developemt and integration
  5. Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Technology)
  6. Asian Identity (Democratization)
  7. Society (Public Diplomacy)

Huong Le Thu will be the main contact at IDAS, so contect her if you are interested.

Please help if you can.  This is a volunteer (i.e. unpaid) project, but the value is high. I’m sure the word “Harvard” will look good on a resume.


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