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…for students in the IMAS and IDAS programs at NCCU.

The Migration Industry: Facilitators and Brokerage in Asia

>> Call for Papers:
– “The Migration Industry: Facilitators and Brokerage in Asia”
Conference Date : 01 Jun 2017 – 02 Jun 2017
>> Conference Venue : National University of Singapore
>> Proposal Deadline : by 30 January 2017
>> The organizers will provide hotel accommodation for three days and a contribution towards airfare for workshop participants.
>> More information, please visit:


>> Call for Papers:
“Debating Democracy in Japan”
>> Conference Venue: University of Wollongong, Australia
>> Conference Date: 26-30 June 2017
>> Date for submission of proposals: 13 January 2017
>> More information, please visit:

The Tenth Global Studies Conference

>> Call for Papers:

  • Theme 1: Economy and Trade
  • Theme 2: Politics, Power, and Institutions
  • Theme 3: Society and Culture
  • Theme 4: Resources and Environment

>> Conference Date: 8-9 June 2017
>> Conference Venue: National University of Singapore, Singapore
>> Proposal Deadline: 8 March 2017
>> More information, please visit:

Waterloo Political Science Graduate Conference

>> Call for Papers:
“Politics of Change: Shifting Democratic Priorities in the 21st Century”
>> Conference Venue: University of Waterloo, Ontario
>> Conference Date: 10 March 2017
>> The deadline for abstract submissions: 22 January 2017
>> Selected papers will be published in Inquiry & Insight.
>> More information, please visit:

South China Sea: Emerging Scenario Conference

Here’s a conference venue with which IDAS has a long history: it’s in Tirupati, India. This year (24-26 July) the focus is on the South China Sea, so hopefully many of you will be interested.

Here is the call for papers:

and here is the main portal.

Hope to see you there!






Beall’s List

Since all IDAS students have to publish, and there are a number of predatory publishing mills out there taking advantage, I thought I would share this website which lists dodgy journals:


If you ever get approached (mostly via email) by a publisher offering to publish your latest conference paper, then hit delete. At least look them up on this list.

Hint: these days the ones I see still use a few dozen font colours — a good hint they are not operating at the height of professionalism. But they’ll wise-up before long and get better at hiding themselves.

So be careful out there!




UPDATE: The original site has been taken down for mysterious reasons, but for the time being at least, here is an Internet archive snapshot of the list from Dec 2016:





Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society CONFERENCE 2017

>> Call for Papers:
Theme: Worlding: Asia Beyond/After Globalization

  • Migration and Multiculturalism
  • Engaging/Disengaging China
  • Questioning North Korea
  • Regression/Retreat in Culture of Democracy
  • Pop Asianism
  • New Media, etc.

>> Conference Date: 28-30 July 2017
>> Conference Venue: Sungkonghoe University, Seoul, South Korea
>> Submission Deadline: 31 January 2017
>> More information, please visit:

Institute of Political Economy 18th Annual Graduate Students’ Conference

>> Call for Paper:
– Theme: “Who’s Got the Power?: Locating Power in Times of Social Change”
– Migration and Borders, Environmental Justice
– Security and the State, etc.
>> Conference Venue: Carleton University
>> Conference Date: 27 February 2017
>> Deadline for submissions: 6 January 2017
>> More information, please visit:

The World Congress for Korean Politics and Society 2017

>> Call for Papers:
“The Korean Peninsula and a New Order in East Asia”
“Rebuilding Trust in Peace and Democracy”
>> Conference Venue: Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
>> Conference Date: 22 24 June 2017
>> Proposal Submission Due: 31 January 2017
>> The KPSA will cover up to three nights of accommodation. Meals will be provided.

Housing and the Built Environment Conference

>> Call for Papers:

– Unreal Estate? Rethinking Housing, Class and Identity

  • Housing inequality and social stratification
  • Migration, mobility and identity
  • Gentrification, displacement and the right to the city
  • Smart housing, smart cities and social justice

>> Conference Date: 18 – 21 June 2017
>> Conference Venue: City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
>> Abstracts Submission Deadline: 30 December 2016
>> More information, please visit:

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