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2nd Annual Conference on Management and Social Sciences (ACMSS)


– Conference Date: 5-7 December 2013
– Conference Venue: Taipei, Taiwan
– Submission Dateline: 15 September 2013
Call for Papers:
Management, Finance
Economy, Education
Society, Communication
Law, Culture
Psychology, Politics
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Call for Papers: 2013 NZPSA Conference, Christchurch

+ Conference Date: 2-3 December 2013
+ Deadline for Submission: 31 August 2013
+ Postgraduate Workshop: 4 December 2013
+ Host: School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
+ Call for Papers: “Political Change and Renewal”
– The Politics of Tertiary Education, The Puzzle of Peace
– Disaster Politics, Sustainability Politics
– Peace-building and Renewal in the Asia Pacific
– Democratic Governance in Comparative Perspective
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Call for Papers: 2013 Millennium Annual Conference ‘Rethinking the Standard(s) of Civilisation(s) in International Relations’

+ Conference Date: 19-20 October 2013
+ Venue: London School of Economics and Political Science
+ Abstract proposals due: 7 June 2013
+ The theme of the conference will focus on the standard(s) of civilisation(s) in International Relations in examining international norms, practices and policies entrenched in world politics, including international law, human rights, the status of women, good governance and globalisation, global markets, and state-building.
+ A selection of the papers will be published in Millennium: Journal of International Studies, volume 42, no. 3.

Call for Papers – 9th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS)

Conference venue: Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Date: 24-25 March 2014
Submission Deadline: 2 September 2013
Call for Papers:
Cyberwarfare practice and theory, Information security management
Human Factors, Cyber-terrorism, Physical security
Counter-terrorism security policies, procedures and legislation
Information warfare policy, SMEs Security
Information warfare theory/techniques
Information security governance and management
Information warfare and security education, Risk Management
National security policy, Security policy, Strategic leadership
Modern conflict, Military approaches
Information Security Architecture
Ethical, political and social issues relating to information warfare

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The 2nd International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences


Conference Date: 7-9 November 2013
Venue: Osaka, Japan
Paper Submission: 19 August 2013
Call for Papers:
Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Communication, Culture, Society, Education, Law, Politics, Psychology.
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