ASAP Communiqué

…for students in the IMAS and IDAS programs at NCCU.

The Graduate Conference in Political Theory at Princeton University

Call for Papers: 6th Annual Graduate Conference in Political Theory 2013
Date: April 5-6, 2013
Venue: 301 Marx Hall, Princeton University

The Committee for the Graduate Conference in Political Theory at Princeton University welcomes papers addressing any topic in political theory, political philosophy, or the history of political thought. Papers should be submitted via the conference website by January 11, 2013. Approximately six papers will be selected.
The conference offers graduate students from across institutions a unique opportunity to present and critique new work. Each session, led by a discussant from Princeton, focuses exclusively on one paper and features an extensive question and answer period with Princeton faculty and graduate students. Papers are pre-circulated among conference participants.
Assistance for invited participants’ transportation, lodging and meal expenses is available from the Committee, which acknowledges the generous support of University Center for Human Values, the Department of Politics, and the Graduate School at Princeton University.

Due Date: January 11, 2013
For further information, please visit:


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