ASAP Communiqué

…for students in the IMAS and IDAS programs at NCCU.

On a bicycle built for, er, one.

The school’s R&D department is hosting a bicycle trip around the island. In fact, students and faculty from nine universities from around Taiwan are taking part in this pedal-powered circumnavigation.

The event takes place from November 10th to the 18th. Yes, you read that right: 9 days on a bike.

Cycling is a very popular pastime in Taiwan these days, and it’s a great way to take in some of the island’s awesome vistas, and to visit some of its charming small towns.

If nine days of sitting on a small piece of moulded plastic doesn’t appeal to you, there is a short morning ride on the 10th that you might find more enjoyable, and more amenable to walking normally afterward.

Anyone who is interested, please contact Janet ASAP, or email me and I will pass your name on to her. She needs to provide a list to the vice-dean of the R&D office, Dr. Yang, by next Tuesday, and arrange a bus to the starting line.

They have also offered us 20 free spots for a banquet dinner on November 11 at 6 pm hosted by the mayor of Taichung. The dinner includes a performance. Not by the mayor.


Of course, it seems to me the R&D department should be working on some way to attach an engine to these velocipedes. Perhaps we could call it a “motor-cycle.” Or something.

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One thought on “On a bicycle built for, er, one.

  1. The 11/11 dinner welcomes foreign students to join with their customs. I need 20 participants to show off their culture that night. Send email to Janet, or call 0988010089.

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