ASAP Communiqué

…for students in the IMAS and IDAS programs at NCCU.


My friends: the great experiment!

It occurred to me a little while back that, unless you are all really good at systematically organizing, collating and meticulously filing you email using the Dewey Decimal system, it might be hard to keep track of conference information and publishing opportunities that I send out, so I figured I would experiment with a blog.

I’ve never done a blog before. When I was a kid, “blog” was a bad word. I won’t tell you what it meant.

So I hope you find this more convenient and a bit easier on the eyes than my usual communique.

Also, it’s not my blog: it’s our blog, so feel free to post here directly if you have information that you think would be of interest to our fellow IDAS, IMAS and other students.

To that end, I will try to phase out the communique once the blog  gets its sea legs. In the meantime, I would appreciate your input by way of the new and convenient comments section.

Let me know what you think!





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